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We STILL find virtual consults helpful.

Whether it be through follow ups, back to work, pumping preparation and questions, starting solids and a weaning consult, we can accomplish a lot through virtual media.

How to prep for a virtual consult:
We have three steps before a virtual consult can be scheduled.

  1. Insurance may or may not cover a virtual consult. The one time self pay fee is $100 and due at the time of the virtual consult.
  2. We need you to set up a quick and easy account with our HIPPA compliant health app called Spruce.
  3. A virtual consent needs to be completed and signed in your chart.  Because we come to your home, we understand you may be comfortable not wearing a mask. No matter your situation, the IBCLC working with you will let you know her protocol before the visit.


Let’s talk about COVID-19 Procedures

  • All our IBCLCs are fully vaccinated & boosted against COVID-19.
  • As always, if anyone in your family has been ill, we will ask to cancel your appointment. We work with fresh babies and will not put any family at risk of exposure.
  • We are happy to wear a mask before entering your home if you request. Some IBCLCs on our team perfer to wear a mask during your consult.