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We come to your home, weigh the baby and evaluate the baby’s mouth, tongue placement and suck through an oral assessment using Alison Hazelbaker’s tool. A suck evaluation is important for tongue and lip functioning. All IBCLCs are trained in oral assessment and tongue function. We examine your breasts for any trauma, discuss sore nipples and latch. We sit through a full nursing session with you and your baby and help with positioning, the logistics of the latch and hold. We work together on a lactation care plan which fits for your individual family. No two families are alike. You must do what works for yours.

We start follow up through email and phone conversations. We are happy to do follow up consults in your home as many times as you feel you need us. We recommend at least one follow up. There is a fee for each consult as we do everything we did in the initial consult. Usually you will need extra follow up for encouragement and further direction but we can do that in the capacity you prefer. Your nursing career changes with days, and months and we support you in the entirety of your nursing relationship.

Typically a consult lasts about an hour and a half. We don’t rush and want all your questions answered. Babies work hard when we are with them.

We provide a report to your Pediatrician and OB/GYN or midwife for you and your baby to inform them that you are under our care. We charge per consult and collect fees at the time of service. We base part of our fee on mileage and the time it takes to get to your home. There is a charge for every visit we have face to face much like any other medical provider.

We have a $75 cancellation fee with less than a 24 hour notification. We schedule around the needs of our mothers and want to be available to them all.

Please call with any questions or to set up an appointment 248-243-6150.

Pumping? We can help with that. We measure your flange sizes and give tips about whatever pump you have or would like to purchase. Check with insurance and see what pumps are being offered.

Brandy was monumental in my postpartum journey. Being a first time mom, breastfeeding was what I knew I wanted to try, but when my baby struggled to latch I quickly became discouraged. Without Brandy I wouldn't have made it the 13 amazing months breastfeeding my son.

Brandy was always available for a quick text, and when she was in our home she was nothing but professional and honestly just a very good friend to my son, husband and I. We can't wait to use her again with our next baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for my IBCLC, Margie. She completely changed the trajectory of my postpartum experience. Breastfeeding was important to me long before I had my daughter, it was just something I knew I wanted to do. I was shocked and upset to realize how difficult it could be. My daughter did not latch well in the beginning, causing me to blister, bleed, and shed countless tears over the pain. Finally, I was referred to Home Lactation Specialists, who flipped my experience for the better. I’m now 7 months into my breastfeeding journey and couldn’t be more thankful to Margie for the in-home care. I don’t think we would have made it this far without her!


Brandy is absolutely incredible and the main reason I’m able to continue breastfeeding my baby today! Her knowledge and experience is invaluable. Postpartum can be a big adjustment as is, but when my baby wasn’t feeding well it was incredibly stressful. We reached out to Brandy and she was the calm presence and support we needed. She put together an individual plan for us and I had her visiting multiple times a week until I felt confident we had it down. I’m forever grateful for her! I recommend her to all my friends as a “must-have” for postpartum.


I could not have been more happier with my experience with Brandy! She is so knowledgeable and gave me so much confidence in my breastfeeding journey. She was great at communicating and was always quick to answer any questions I had via text throughout the week. I truly felt like she was my personal cheerleader cheering me on. I could not recommend her enough!