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Congratulations! You are ready to prepare for our visit.

Insurance has been processed, we have talked about travel fees or have given you a self pay price. Now to move onto the logistics of the visit.

We need a chart completed with your health history and your baby’s information. We use Mobile Lactation for our charting system. Please go to the following link to start the chart process:

In Home Lactation Specialists Client Portal


A consent must be completed. Consents are found under Documents in your chart. We will tell you what documents need to be completed in the text from our administrator Dorothy.

The complete chart and consent is important to have completed at least 24 hours before our visit so we can review your history and get to know your current breastfeeding situation.

Our mask policy

We are still mindful of cases of COVID-19 in Michigan. Keeping your tiny human healthy is always our priority. Some of our IBCLCs will be wearing a mask over her nose and chin at all times during her visit. Others are comfortable without masks but we will gladly wear a mask if you request we do in your home. We want everyone to do what makes them feel most comfortable. We serve a fragile population and need to be sure to keep your baby safe as well as all the families we see before and after you. If you would rather, we would be happy to set up a virtual consult with you instead. Please communicate to us what you are most comfortable with.

Before our arrival on the day of your visit

Please hold off feeding baby for a couple hours before our arrival. We need a hungry baby if you would like us to observe a full feeding. If you have questions about pumping, please have your pump parts sterilized & cleaned and your pump put together. We will be in your nursing space for the consult where all the things you normally use should be available including your pillows, nursing chair, nipple shield, silicone pump and nipple cream.

Dogs & other animals

While we love dogs and most dogs love visitors, they can be very territorial of their space with a new human to protect. Babies typically cry at some point in our visit and a dog can be alerted to the cry much like a mother does. We are comfortable with dogs as long as we can focus on mother and baby.

Last thing

A visit is anywhere between 60 minutes to 120 minutes. We are here to support you. Know we are honored and humbled to be invited into your home at this difficult time. A lot of transitions are happening for you and your family and we are happy to be a part of your postpartum team. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to better serve you and your baby.