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I have been an IBCLC for over 15 years and have recertified three times. I began my breastfeeding journey with my first son 23 years ago through La Leche League in Virginia. I went to a meeting every month and my goal each month was to nurse long enough to get to the next meeting the next month. La Leche League (LLL) taught me how to mother through breastfeeding. I became a volunteer with LLL through accreditation as a Leader. I continued on my path with my next two sons and enjoyed giving mothers the support I desperately needed with each of my sons.

I began In Home Lactation Specialists in Fredericksburg, Virginia and found the need for home care was dire in Southeast Metro Detroit when we moved (back home for me!) in 2010.  I value the team of IBCLCs I work alongside. We all have hours of continuing education and counseling experience. The team offers superb support for all families and their lifestyles. We have worked with challenging cases and supported our clients through all paths of their breastfeeding journeys.

Margery A Williams, RNC-OB, BSN, IBCLC
Based out of Highland/White Lake

I began my nursing career as a postpartum nurse in 2007. As my knowledge expanded into lactation, I decided to deepen my practice by working in labor and delivery where I experienced how important birth is to the breastfeeding relationship. In 2016, I received my IBCLC and have recertified. I have worked in the NICU with both term and preterm babies for over 8 years. Being a part of such an important transition in a family’s life is an honor. It is my passion to help families achieve their breastfeeding goals and enjoy  expanding my care in a home setting.
I have three children who I breastfed through poor weight gain, painful bleeding nipples, engorgement, vasospasm and dairy allergies. They are now all active teenagers who are thriving in this wonderful world we live in. 

Dorothy Burton, Administrative Assistant ​

I have been helping & supporting breastfeeding mothers for more than 14 years. After having my daughter, I attended my local La Leche League meeting and met Brandy while she was still living in Fredericksburg, Virginia. With her guidance and encouragement, I became an accredited LLL leader in 2007 and after leading our local group ever since, just retired in 2022. I overcame many breastfeeding issues, including engorgement, overactive let-down, flat nipples, and dairy allergies, and went on to nurse my daughter for 2+ years.
I love exercising, cooking healthy food for my family of three, & home-educating my daughter.

Stacie Costello, Social Media Manager 

My journey with breastfeeding began after the birth of my daughter in 2016. I am lucky enough to have Brandy as my sister-in-law so we were fortunate to get off to a great start with nursing. I successfully breastfed my daughter for 18 months. When my son was born in 2019, he had a tongue and lip tie revised at one week postpartum.  I went on to nurse him for 22 months. With both children I dealt with oversupply, clogged ducts, and mastitis. I attended a local breastfeeding support group with both of my kids and that’s where my passion for breastfeeding blossomed.
In my spare time you will find me with a crochet hook in hand. My budding crochet business allows me creativity and flexibility while mothering my two kiddos.

McAlina Bell, MPH, Student

I have academic and experience focuses in International Health & Maternal Infant Health
research and have a Masters degree in Public Health. In the past, I have had the opportunity to work in under-served and under-developed communities with health disparities related to childhood obesity and nutrition.

Now with a career in Healthcare Administration for over 8 years, I am still passionate about childhood development and maternal health which inspired me to pursue an IBCLC.
I am currently completing the required 95 educational hours of Human Lactation and Education.

I have true zeal to not only clinical care but specifically an in home setting. I am now a first time mother myself and on the journey of breastfeeding my baby. I am very excited to be learning the unique layers corresponding to both the clinical and communications aspects that revolve around mothering through breastfeeding with the In Home Lactation team.

In my free time I love to travel and enjoy going to music and art festivals.